Facility Engineering Services Corporation is an industry leader in Building Automation, Network infrastructure, and Energy Management Systems.  We specialize in the design, installation, integration and maintenance of facility subsystems including HVAC, Lighting & Energy Management Systems. 

Information-Technology companies such as Digex, GTE , Lucent, and MCI depend on Facility Engineering and Andoverís Network and Web-Based products to keep their switching sites, data centers and server farms functioning under strict environmental control and security.

Property and Construction Management firms such as Bechtel, Computer Science Corporation, and Manekin have partnered with Facility Engineering on multiple new-construction and renovation projects.

Health care facilities such as Baltimore Washington Medical Center, Johns Hopkins, Doctor's Hospital, Good Samaritan, Montgomery General, Kaiser Permanente, Mt. Washington Pediatrics, the VA Hospital, and many others have contracted us to install and maintain systems meeting a variety of facility-related needs.

From the web to wireless, intelligent infrastructure is quickly changing the business landscape. Facility Engineering offers value through innovative implementation of smart systems that integrate with your infrastructure. We have been serving the Baltimore and Washington area since 1991 as a certified representative of TAC/Andover Controls by Schneider Electric, The Global Specialist in Energy Management.  Our products are used in over 50,000 structures Worldwide!



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