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Highlight Reel: TSG Teambuilding Retreat 2023 in Wyoming

At FES, we believe that the longevity and success of our organization hinges on the strong loyalty and character of our team. Our annual Teambuilding Retreats, held at the beautiful Star Valley Lodge, are an integral part of our commitment to team development. These retreats offer our team members the opportunity to bond with their colleagues, regroup, and enjoy well-deserved fun in the Wyoming wilderness.

During our recent retreat, both our leadership team and TSG members came together for a series of enriching and collaborative experiences. The initial two days of the retreat were devoted to engaging presentations and strategic planning sessions. Here, they delved into conversations about FES’s future and set forth objectives that will pave the way for our continued growth and pursuit of excellence. These conversations are key for us to maintain our commitment to our core mission and values, allowing us to adapt to the ever-evolving challenges that the industry presents.

However, it’s not all work and no play at FES. The second half of our retreat was packed with exciting adventures, as our team explored all that the mountains have to offer. From trail riding in the wilderness to engaging in thrilling activities at the shooting range, our team had a blast! Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Wyoming wilderness, they were not only inspired by the scenery but also reminded of the importance of respecting the environment, aligning with our commitment to providing eco-conscious and energy efficient solutions.

As we reflect on this year’s Teambuilding Retreat, we can’t help but look forward to the adventures that await us in the next one. This annual tradition has become a highlight of our year, and we are dedicated to continuing our journey of growth, excellence, and fostering the spirit of teamwork that distinguishes FES. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide these incredible experiences for our team members and extend our thanks to Star Valley Lodge for hosting us and making this year’s retreat a memorable experience for all.

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