Facility Engineering Services


Commercial Buildings

Our native BACnet open software solutions allow for product flexibility for tenant fit-outs and renovations. Our web-based solutions offer remote access for facility managers to respond quickly to their building and tenant requirements.


Health Care

We routinely install and service room pressurization controls, operating room touch screen interfaces, access control, HVAC central plant controls, utility monitoring systems, etc.


Data Centers

Our team is well-versed in delivering solutions that align with the expectations of data center clients, including redundant systems, 100% up-time, precise control of critical equipment temperature, and thorough electrical power monitoring. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise to support the success of your data center operations.


Classified & Government Projects

FES has systems installed in government facilities at local, state, and federal levels, including legacy control system retrofit, pneumatic control system retrofit, and new construction. Our team of cleared personnel is proud to work on specialized systems in classified locations.


Utility Infrastructure

Our team has completed projects for monitoring and control of critical utility infrastructure, including potable water distribution, wastewater treatment, specialized gas distribution, hazardous substance monitoring, combined heat and power systems, emergency power, and large fuel oil farm storage, delivery, distribution, and polishing.


Experience the excellence of Facility Engineering Services

Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of services, including building automation, energy management, HVAC, access control, security/surveillance, smoke control, lighting, and more. Our dedicated team is ready to design, install, integrate, and maintain cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific needs. Maximize efficiency, reliability, and comfort in your facility with FES. 

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