The Growing Significance of Cybersecurity in Building Automation

In an era where connectivity and smart technology empower our buildings, the significance of cybersecurity in building automation has become crucial for protecting critical systems. As we embrace the benefits of interconnected systems, the need to defend against potential threats becomes increasingly significant.  With the integration of cloud-based solutions in building automation, the opportunity for potential cyber threats expands. Cybersecurity is no longer an afterthought but a critical component of any comprehensive building automation system. Did you know that 42% of the computers powering building management systems faced cybersecurity threats in 2022? These computers control critical infrastructures for facilities such as government buildings, hospitals, and data centers. Understanding potential vulnerabilities is the first step toward securing building automation systems. It is important to conduct regular vulnerability assessments to stay ahead of potential risks. Common weak points to be aware of are insecure network connections, outdated software, and insufficient access controls. Below are a few suggested measures to ensure your critical systems are protected. As we navigate the complex landscape of building automation, cybersecurity emerges as a cornerstone for sustainable and secure development. By implementing comprehensive security measures and staying informed about emerging threats, we can collectively build a future where smart buildings thrive without compromising on safety, innovation, and resilience. Learn more about how FES can improve your access controls 

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